I started with MLE project a few years ago (precisely in May 2007) because was asked me to build some multilingual educational sites.

I liked CMS Made Simple CMS Made Simple and among the modification I saw an old project of multilingual of Katon nick user (but unfortunately was a unmaintained project). But I was struck by its ease of use.

Then I worked on that project to simplify and make future upgrades easier, then I applied some important features and now is working in production since version 1.1.1 (August 2007). But then, why not share that work with other?

But remember that MLE project is a modification of the core (fork) and then it's UNSUPPORTED by CMS Made Simple and you will not find any relation on the official website.
The project is offered "as is" without warranty of any kind and for any damage or loss of data.

Here some important resource: